Finalists and Winner of the 1st ICRA Best Multi-Robot Systems Paper Award 2017

The 1st ICRA Best Multi-Robot Systems Paper Award has been assigned during the IEEE ICRA 2017 in Singapore in May We congratulate with the finalists and the winner of the award!

The award is the fruit of a strong effort of the four TC Co-Chairs and of the valuable sponsorship of Amazon Robotics (a special thanks goes to Joey Durham). 

I (Antonio Franchi) had the pleasure of giving the certificates to four of the finalists at ICRA 2017, you can see the pictures below.
A long list of valuable papers on multi-robot and multi-agent systems has been presented at ICRA this year, a fact that has made the work of the award committee not easy at all.
The TC congratulates with the winner of the award and the other four finalists, here listed:


The Robotarium: A Remotely Accessible Swarm Robotics Research Testbed 
Pickem, Daniel; Glotfelter, Paul; Wang, Li; Mote, Mark; Ames, Aaron; Feron, Eric; Egerstedt, Magnus 



Distributed Data Gathering with Buffer Constraints and Intermittent Communication
Guo, Meng; Zavlanos, Michael M.


Decentralized Non-communicating Multiagent Collision Avoidance with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Chen, Yufan; Liu, Miao; Everett, Michael; How, Jonathan Patrick


Decentralized Matroid Optimization for Topology Constraints in Multi-Robot Allocation Problems
Williams, Ryan; Gasparri, Andrea; Ulivi, Giovanni


Formations for Resilient Robot Teams
Guerrero-Bonilla, Luis; Prorok, Amanda; Kumar, Vijay


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