International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS 2019)

The 2nd International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS 2019)

August 22-23, 2019 - Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2019
Acceptance Notification: June 3, 2019


The International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems
(MRS) is a single-track conference to be held at Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, NJ, USA, on 22-23 August, 2019. MRS is an initiative of
the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems, and is
technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers who are in
the field of multi-robot systems both directly and indirectly, to
cross-fertilize ideas. Typically MRS research is spread across large
conferences, and this makes it difficult for MRS researchers to keep
up to date on new findings and meet others in the area. The intent of
the conference is to bring those researchers together with a
high-quality symposium to highlight the best in the field. We would
like to see the top advances in multi-robot and multi-agent research
represented at MRS 2019.

The focus of the MRS conference is on all aspects of multi-robot and
multi-agent systems. We encourage high-quality papers from a broad
range of topics in this area, ranging from design and analysis of
algorithms to systems. Papers should contribute novel results that
clearly advance the state-of-the-art, and should include analytical
and/or experimental evaluation appropriate to the work. We would like
to see the best of multi-robot and multi-agent research represented at
MRS 2019. The fields of interest include the following general fields,
but are not limited to:

- Modeling and Control of MRS/MAS
- Optimal Control and Optimization Methods for MRS/MAS
- Motion and Path Planning for MRS
- Bio-Inspired MRS and Swarm Intelligence/Robotics
- Distributed Perception and Estimation in MRS/MAS
- Planning and Decision Making for MRS/MAS
- Physical Interaction in/with MRS/MAS
- Cooperative/Collective Learning in MRS/MAS
- AI of Large-Scale Systems
- Applications of MRS/MAS
- Technological and Methodological Issues
- MRS for Cooperative Manipulation
- Micro/Nano Scale MRS
- Operating Systems and Cloud Technology for MRS/MAS
- Communication in MRS/MAS
- Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking in MRS/MAS
- Human-robot and Human-agent interaction
- Game theoretic approaches for MAS/MRS
- Teamwork, team formation, teamwork analysis

We invite submission of full papers (6 pages + references) or extended
abstract (2 pages + references). Details on the submission process
are available on the conference website:

Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings
available on the IEEE Xplore digital library. Top-quality papers will
be invited for submission, in extended form, to a journal special
issue after the conference.

General inquiries:


General Chair: Kostas Bekris, Rutgers University, USA
Local Arrangements Chair: Jingjin Yu, Rutgers University, USA

Editor in Chief: Lorenzo Sabattini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Program Chairs:
Chris Amato, Northeastern University, USA
Robert Fitch, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Paolo Robuffo Giordano, IRISA-CNRS, France
Dylan A. Shell, Texas A&M University, USA

Publicity Chair: Kiril Solovey, Stanford University, USA

Publications Chair: Alberto Quattrini Li, Dartmouth College, USA

Finance Chair: Nora Ayanian, University of Southern California, USA

Awards Chair: Antonio Franchi, LAAS-CNRS, France

Registration Chair: Shuai Han, Rutgers University, USA

Website Chair: Rahul Shome, Rutgers University, USA

Area Chairs:
Filippo Arrichiello, University of Cassino, Italy
Ariel Rosenfeld, Bar-Ilan Univ, Israel
Aaron Becker, University of Houston, USA
Roland Bouffanais, SUTD, Singapore
Jen Jen Chung, ETH, Switzerland
Prashant Doshi, University of Georgia, USA
Alessandro Farinelli, University of Verona, Italy
Bryan K. H. Low, National University of Singapore
Michael Otte, University of Maryland, USA
Kirstin H. Petersen, Cornell University, USA
Carlo Pinciroli, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
David Portugal, Ingeniarius, Portugal
Amanda Prorok, University Cambridge, UK
Karl Tuyls, University of Liverpool, UK
Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech, USA

Advisory board:
Magnus Egerstedt, Georgia Tech, USA
David Hsu, National University of Singapore
Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Alcherio Martinoli, EPFL, Switzerland
Lynne E. Parker, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Kiril Solovey
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford, CA

Short Description: 
International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems
Upcoming event: 
Thursday, 22 August, 2019