ICRA 2023 Workshop on Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Systems

Friday, 2 June, 2023
London, UK
Hosting conference: 
Ramviyas Parasuraman, University of Georgia
Michael Otte, University of Maryland
Geoffery Hollinger, Oregon State University
Karthik Dantu, University at Buffalo
Donald Sofge, US Navy Research Lab
Robert Fitch, University of Technology Sydney
Wireless networking is crucial in achieving efficient missions with mobile robots and multi-robot systems. Robots use communication to facilitate data sharing, coordination, and cooperation with other robots and human users. However, real-world communication is often unreliable, expensive, non-ideal, and/or otherwise challenging in a variety of ways, as evident by the recent post-disaster deployments of robotic and multi-robot solutions. These challenges have even more significance and ramifications when it comes to multi-robot systems, where communication is key to achieving successful coordination, joint perception, and cooperative planning. In fact, many robotic challenges, including the DARPA robotics and subT challenges, often involve variations of such communication challenges in their objectives. This workshop will offer an excellent and timely venue to discuss these challenges along with their solutions. The workshop will gather an excellent lineup of invited talks from academia, government, and industry who are leading experts, as well as budding and early-career researchers from different research domains (e.g., mobile networking, field robotics, multi-robot systems). The workshop will engage the researchers at the intersection of disciplines in an effort to obtain a unification of the required solutions to address these challenges in an effective and informed manner. We have an exciting workshop program with invited speakers from both academia and industry. The program includes a panel discussion where contributors and audience can use this opportunity to discuss the active and open problems and help guide the future needs of this area of research that are complementary to both MRS and the Wireless Networking community. The workshop is supported by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Multi-Robot Systems Workshop Call For Contributions (Posters/Oral Presentations): We invite two types of contributions that are either ongoing work-in-progress or matured research on the above topics related to Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Systems - Short Papers (2-4 Pages at Submission for Poster Presentation) - Long Papers (4-6 Pages at Submission for Oral Presentation w/ option to present poster as well). There will be a Best Poster Award. The papers and the presentations will be made available on the workshop website. Note this is not an archival proceeding. We plan to organize a special issue on this theme in one of the reputed journals in Robotics, such as AURO, IJRR, T-RO, where we will invite the best contributors to submit their extended versions of the work.
Deadline for submission: 
Wednesday, 5 April, 2023