INRIA and IRISA-CNRS, Lagadic group


The Lagadic group is internationally recognized for its scientific activity as well as for technology transfer experiences in the field of visual tracking, visual servoing, computer vision and sensor-based control for robotics applications. The facilities available in the group include three 6-dof manipulator arms, a pioneer indoor mobile robot, a state-of-the-art human-size humanoid robot (Romeo), a fleet of quadrotor UAVs, and an indoor large testing arena instrumented with Vicon.
The Lagadic group is part of the Inria/Irisa lab that spreads its activities in 30 research teams working in computer science, signal processing, and control. It involves about 650 people, including 120 professors and assistant professors, 100 full-time researchers, 80 administrative staff, and 250 PhD students.