Cooperative vehicles and robotic systems for industrial applications

Monday, 28 September, 2015
Hamburg, Germany
Hosting conference: 
Lorenzo Sabattini
Cristian Secchi
Gian Diego Tipaldi
Recent advances in multi-robot systems offer the potential to significantly improve quality for manufacturing and other industrial applications. Advances in control systems, embedded processor, sensor, communication and networking technology in the last few decades, that have made individual autonomous systems more practical, have enabled the research on and the development of cooperative systems, where capabilities are expressed by the team rather than by a super-capable individual. This makes it possible to address challenges that are relevant for industrial applications, where typical operations often include complex tasks that require capabilities that are varied in both quantity and difficulty, such as goods transportation, distributed assembly, and infrastructure inspection. This workshop aims at bringing together experts, both from the academia and from the industries, in the field of cooperative vehicle and robotic systems exploited for solving real world industrial problems. The objective is to investigate the main open issues that have prevented a complete deployment of cooperative autonomous systems for industrial operations, as well as to identify the most recent technological development that might lead the definition of effective solutions for automated industrial applications. In particular, exchange of ideas among expert from the industry and from the academia is welcomed and solicited.